Q:  Who is Tectonic Energy Consulting?

A:  Tectonic is a Calgary based company that provides professional services to the Oil and Gas, Mining and Forestry industries.  We provide services such as, Professional Consulting, Safety, and Security Services, as well as Rentals at all stages of operations.

Q:  What sets Tectonic Energy Consulting Inc. apart from industry competitors?

A: In short our Customer Service is the key component of all services offered through Tectonic.  We are a growing company and we focus on the small details.  Our commitment to our clients is what has built our success since the start of operations in 2003.

Q: When I view Tectonic’s site I notice a wide offering of services; can you really provide all of these in an efficient manner to clients?

A: Yes, we can definitely look after a number of services depending on our clients’ needs.  Tectonic’s value proposition to our clients is the ability in many cases to provide a “one stop” for contact, service and billing.

Q:  Your Industry is full of large scale competitors with multiple divisions; as a growing company can Tectonic compete with these entities for new clients?

A: We can compete, and successfully do so every day.  Our clients range in size and operations from multi-national businesses to small operators.  There are key factors to building relationships and long term success for any size of client. We offer cost efficient pricing, timely delivery, and a “whatever-it-takes-commitment” attitude towards our clientele.  Our people have a vested interest to these principles, ensuring our continued success.