Environmental Services

Printable Brochure

Tectonic Energy Consulting Inc. is pleased to present our Environmental Protection Services for the purpose of protecting water fowl against the damaging effects of inhabiting produced water recycling pits. We do this with the intention of mitigating the risks that the open air pits present such as the damaging effects to the water fowl by absorption through the skin and ingestion. This can result in loss of life along with irreversible health effects to the water fowl themselves & to any other animals that may come into contact with them in the food chain.

To assist your company in its diligent practice of environmental protection we propose a professionally trained security guard which will monitor all pits within a continuous direct line of sight in a given area for 1 hour prior to sun up to 1 hour past sun down, allowing travel time to and from site.

All of our security guards hold the following certificates:

  • Confined Space Entry
  • Confined Space Watch

Tectonic Energy Consulting Inc. will use its best effort to mitigate risk for its customers with diligent and conscientious efforts. However, Tectonic Energy Consulting Inc. cannot and does not guarantee the 100% elimination of risk and shall not be liable or responsible for liabilities incurred by the customer. The customer is responsible for lost or damaged equipment (normal wear excluded) unless the said loss or damage is caused by Tectonic Energy Consulting Inc. personnel.

Thank you for taking the time to read the above information. We look forward to meeting with you to discuss your specific requirements. For further information on pricing and availability please contact Jim Seweryn at (403) 238-2812.