Corporate Policy Development

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Tectonic Energy Consulting Inc. provides consulting services to upstart and established companies in the development of their Corporate Safety Policy. Having a comprehensive safety policy demonstrates your organization’s commitment to employee safety, reduces liability exposure and is a key element to achieving membership in the government Partners-in-Injury-Reduction (PIR) program by attaining an industry Certificate of Recognition (COR). This certification allows companies to bid on COR restricted tenders and can reduce WCB premiums in their respective industries by up to 20%.

Additionally, PIR participants have 31.7% lower loss ratio compared to other employers – this translates into direct savings in terms of operational costs and manpower.

In collaboration with your Human Resources and Safety departments, Tectonic will develop and assist with the implementation of a comprehensive Corporate Safety Policy, customized to meet your operation’s individual needs. We will develop standard operating procedures to address your day-to-day tasks as well as your overall corporate policy guidelines for HR and Safety protocol for your organization.

The Corporate Safety Policy will articulate and demonstrate your organization’s compliance with safe work and industry practices as well as applicable governmental regulations… acknowledging the right of employees to refuse to do work where unsafe conditions exist. It will address the value and process for employee training, equipment maintenance and avenues of communication to ensure a safe and environmentally secure workplace. The personal commitment and active participation of all levels of management, employees and contractors is outlined and specifically addresses that the fulfillment of corporate safety and environmental responsibilities will allow everyone to share in the prosperity that a safe workplace brings.

For further information please contact Jim Seweryn at (403) 238-2812.