Drug and Alcohol Programs & Testing

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Tectonic Energy Consulting Inc. offers consulting services in the development and implementation of industry accepted Drug and Alcohol programs. Our consultants in conjunction with your Human Resources and Safety personnel will develop a comprehensive program addressing corporate and management expectations, rules and guidelines pertaining the use of legal and illegal drugs and alcohol in relation to work. Developing consistent testing policies and protocols, Tectonic Energy’s custom tailored programs will ensure consistent application of current legislation as well as industry best-practices and standards.

Areas addressed will include:

  • Provisions applicable to employees and contractors while engaged in company business, working on company premises or worksites and operating company vehicles & equipment.
  • Sample collection, testing and reporting of results consistent with established industry/legal standards
  • Rigorous sample collection, storage and chain-of-custody procedures
  • Testing to include the determination of the presence of cannabinoids, amphetamine/methamphetamine, cocaine, opiates, phencyclidine and alcohol.
  • Protocols to ensure alcohol tests are administered by a calibrated breathalyzer with a printout of test results.
  • Protocols covering drug tests administered by urinalysis or saliva (oral fluid) analysis, including policy covering the collection of urine or saliva specimens and administration of alcohol tests is performed by trained nurses or trained collection agents, and analyzed in accredited and recognized laboratories.
  • Policies covering post incident and reasonable cause testing situations, wherein samples must be collected as soon as possible after the triggering incident
  • Protocols and procedures ensuring all individuals tested to be required to sign a form to acknowledge the accuracy of the employee/employer information and authenticity of the specimen(s).
  • Development of Consequence Protocols
  • Development of a corporate Substance Abuse Program, program admissibility criteria, program service provider elements, et al.

Ultimately, the intent of a Drug & Alcohol Program is to be effective in maintaining a safe and efficient working environment while ensuring individuals are treated fairly and with respect. Tectonic Energy Consulting Inc will assist your organization to develop and implement such a program, ensuring the job performance, productivity, the work environment and the well being of employees is protected, as well as safeguarding the integrity and safety of your property, operations, its employees, customers, contractors, suppliers and the public.

Alcohol & Drug Screening and Field Testing Services

In cases where companies already have an effective Drug and Alcohol Program in place, Tectonic Energy Consulting Inc can provide accredited screeners with all the appropriate training and equipment certifications to administer your pre-employment, random screening and incident investigation screening, using state of the art accredited field equipment and laboratory apparatus.

For further information on the programs we offer, please contact Jim Seweryn at (403) 238-2812.