Security Services

Tectonic Energy Consulting Inc. Security Division provides Oilfield Security Services, as well as Computer Forensic Services to the petroleum, construction, manufacturing and transportation industries, as well to the general public and Corporations .

Oilfield Security Services, provides fully trained, Licensed uniformed security personnel.  Our Security Professionals are well seasoned and trained experts that have worked in the Oil & Gas environment; they bring exceptional experienced of working in many different areas. Here is a list of the services that we provide:

  • Tight Hole Security
  • Camp and Gate Security
  • K9 Security Services
  • Road Monitoring
  • Rig Watch and CCTV Monitoring
  • Safety & Security Training

Tectonic Energy Consulting Inc. also provides a premium security service  We use only state of the art computer equipment and the most technically advanced data recovery software currently available. Our use of superior computer equipment and techniques allows us to unobtrusively monitor, detect, and/or recover data from suspect computers. This allows us to accurately document the true nature and extent of the activities, while maintaining the data’s integrity for further use in Criminal and Civil legal applications. We offer a very wide range of services including the following: