Wellsite Geology

Tectonic Energy Consulting Inc. has been providing experienced wellsite geological consultants to the oil and gas industry since 2003… performing the majority of our work in Western Canada. We will review your project requirement’s with you to ensure that you are getting the best wellsite geological consultant for the job.

Field Supervision Available for:


  • Multi-Well Delineation or Single Well Programs
  • Supervision for various well types: Vertical, Directional and Horizontal
  • Single or Team Supervision options
  • If necessary pre spud preparations can be looked after on our client’s behalf



Our Standard Wellsite Geological Consulting Service Includes:


  • Geo steering
  • Field liaison between geological field operations and the client’s office
  • Drill cutting logging and interpretation and hydrocarbon show evaluation
  • Determination of Coring, Landing, Casing Points, DSTs or other tests
  • Supervision of subsurface evaluation services and data interpretation
  • Quality control and quality assurance of all data collected
  • Data management and interpretation
  • Preparation of the Wellsite Geological Report

Additional Services

Encryption Software, Microscopes equipped with digital cameras, Excel based well mapping and data presentations for quick view, Custom data reports and log formatting for timely interpretation

Software and Reporting

Our wellsite geological consultants operate various logging and reporting software including Microsoft Excel and Word based Reports, Wellsight Systems, Power Logger, Geostrip and more. All of our reports and logs can be formatted to your needs and submitted in several digital formats including PDF. Our hardcopies with a data CD are produced at Little Rock Documents immediately after the consultant has submitted the End of Well report, professionally printed and couriered to your office.

Experience and Professional Practice

Our personnel have worked all over the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin from north east British Columbia to south west Manitoba and beyond.

Tectonic Energy Consulting Inc. also has retained a responsible APEGA member and is compliant with Provincial Statues regulating the practice of Geoscience in Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan. The Responsible Member’s role is to review and assist our personnel ensuring they are of the highest technical competence and integrity. All of our consultants have been prescreened to ensure they have the necessary auto, commercial liability & WBC insurance that is required. In addition, any necessary safety training such as H2S, First Aid, PSTS, TDG, WHIMIS, along with any company or site specific training is in place and is current.

Tectonic carries $5 000 000 in liability insurance up and above our personnel’s individual coverage. We are enrolled with ComplyWorks and ISNetworld.


For further information on pricing and availability please contact Tectonic Energy Consulting Inc. Geology Division Coordinator Chris Young at (403) 238-2812.